Lorenz Nimmervoll

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Open Source Projects

WiFi Controlled Desk Lamp

Map of Europe

A WiFi controlled Desk-Lamp, essential for every 3D-Printing enthusiast and a great way to get into coding.

Controlled via an easy to use Webinterface that runs on the ESP8266.

It features a webserver running on ESP8266 that allowes for easy access to the different patterns, colors and brightness control.

The project was designed in Fusion 360. The code was written in Visual Studio using the Visual Micro plugin.

A 3D-Printable map desgined in Fusion 360. It looks cool and teaches you a lot of map knowledge.

The countries of the map are 3D-Printed in different colors and afterwards inserted into the frame like a puzzle.

All in all the map was a bit simplified and tolerances were added to make the project possible to print on cheaper machines.